Why choose I-REMOVE?


  • Get clinically proven proprietary complexes of natural compounds.

  • Maintain weight goals long term and avoid the yo-yo effect.

  • Intensify your weight wellness results by losing body fat — and not muscle mass.

A Smarter Approach

smarter approach

The Canadian Reality

A recent Heart and Stroke Foundation survey of almost 2,000 Canadians found that 62% of respondents reported intentionally losing five or more pounds over the past five years but failed to keep the weight off. 70% of those who were overweight or obese regained all, or even more, pounds after their weight-loss efforts.

“Obesity and overweight have become one of the leading public health concerns in Canada,” stressed Dr. Marco Di Buono, Director of Research, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario. “We know that within the past 30 years, the prevalence of obesity doubled among those ages 40 to 69 and tripled among those 20 to 39.”

This is even more concerning as the 2010 Heart and Stroke Foundation Report on Canadians’ Health recently declared that adults between the ages 20 to 39 as Canada’s new “at risk” group. Within this age group, 3 million are inactive, 2.5 million are overweight or obese, 2 million smoke, 164,000 have high blood pressure and 66,000 have diabetes.

So, why do diets fail?

The USDA funded a study comparing several well-known diets, tracking weight and other health metrics over a year. At the end of the year, researchers found that it didn’t matter which diet participants followed, only that they followed it all year and reduced overall calories.

But, those on “extreme” diets were less likely to achieve sustainable calorie reduction and were more likely to drop out. Authors noted the importance of calorie restriction programs that didn’t “conflict with one’s natural affinities for specific allowable foods.”

A Smarter Way to Achieve Weight Wellness

It seems the best strategy for permanent change is the one YOU can adopt without feeling disrupted or deprived.

That’s why I-REMOVE is made with Litramine Fat Binder™, the top-selling proprietary weight management complex in Europe, and is chosen by consumers in over 25 countries worldwide. Instead of trying to approach a healthier lifestyle through deprivation, we believe that permanent change comes from working within it.

Litramine Fat Binder™ is a patented natural fibre complex, which cuts up to 28% of dietary fats from the food that you eat. Less fat means fewer calories absorbed. Coupled with diet & exercise, it has become the preferred weight management program for many people worldwide.

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Our Beliefs

our beliefs

We believe in a more intelligent, healthy, effective and authentic approach to your weight wellness. We believe in you and your investment in yourself; as you cultivate a healthier lifestyle by eating well and exercising, I-REMOVE is designed to work with your body to help you go further and work “smarter” toward weight wellness.

  • Be authentic in our approach
  • Utilize advanced science and technologies
  • Rigorous and continual research is key
  • Be clear and provide meaningful information
  • Changing lifestyles is not easy, we need to work within them
  • Losing weight should also be about gaining a healthy lifestyle

Mindfulness — Living in the moment

A new philosophy for your body — being an active participant in your choices

  • Conscientious thinking before, during and after eating meals and snacks
  • Being aware of the sourcing, processing and nutritional components of the foods you eat
  • Seeking a greater understanding of your food consumption patterns and behaviours
  • Pursuing effective tools and information that help you maintain your healthy lifestyle

Staying engaged and supporting yourself in the momentary decisions that form the composition of your journey toward a better you.

In short, it is the active process of being aware of your daily food choices in addition to I-REMOVE, that will allow you to enjoy lifelong weight wellness.

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The Science behind I-REMOVE


Litramine Fat Binder™

Litramine Fat Binder™ is a patented fibre complex that has been optimised to bind fat effectively. Litramine Fat Binder™ can help with the loss of 3 times more weight than a calorie-reduced diet alone. It also keeps the weight off for a longer duration. Litramine Fat Binder™ is the top-selling proprietary weight management complex in Europe.*